Flynn to provide documents for Russia investigation after initially refusing

Former national security adviser will turn over business and personal documents for the Senate intelligence committees investigation into election meddling

After initially refusing, former national security adviser Michael Flynn will be delivered documents to the Senate intelligence committee as part of its investigation into Russias meddling in the 2016 election, a person close to Flynn told the Associated Press.

Flynn will turn over documents related to two of his businesses as well as some personal documents the meetings of the committee requested earlier this month, a person close to Flynn supposed. Flynn plans to produce documents by next week, according to the source, who spoke on condition of obscurity to discuss Flynns private interactions with the meetings of the committee.

The decision on Tuesday was the first be pointed out that Flynn and the Senate panel have found common ground. Congressional investigators continue to press for key documents in the ongoing investigation, and the retired lieutenant general is trying to limit shattering revealings that hostile Democratic lawmakers could use against him.

Flynn had previously invoked his fifth amendment protectionagainst self-incrimination in declining an earlier request from the meetings of the committee. Flynns attorneys had argued the initial asking was too wide-ranging and would have involved Flynn to turn over information that could have been used against him.

Flynns cooperation came as Donald Trumps personal attorney, Michael Cohen, rejected a request for documents as part of a House committees distinguish is looking into Russias election meddling and contacts with the Trump campaign.

Cohen, a longtime attorney for the Trump Organization, remains a personal solicitor for Trump. He served as a cable tv surrogate for the Republican during the presidential campaign.

The House intelligence committees request for information from Cohen came as the investigators continued to scrutinize each member of Trumps inner circle, including Flynn. Representative Adam Schiff, a Democrat from California, said last week that a subpoena for Flynn from the House panel was likely.

I diminished the invitation to participate as the request was poorly phrased, overly broad and not capable of being answered, Cohen told the Associated Press. I find it reckless and improper that any such requests sent to me was leaked by those working on the meetings of the committee.

Cohen told ABC News Tuesday that he had been asked by both the House and Senate intelligence committees to provide information and affidavit about contacts he had with Russian officials.

Russian president Vladimir Putin said the allegations of Moscow meddling in the US presidential election were fiction fabricated by the Democrat in order to explain their loss. In an interview with French newspaper Le Figaro, Putin reaffirmed his strong self-denial of Russian participation in the hacking of Democratic emails. The interview was recorded during Putins Monday trip to Paris and liberated Tuesday.

Trump made a similar pretension in a tweet early Tuesday: Russian officials must be laughing at the US& how a lame excuse for why the Dems lost the election has taken over the Fake News.

Cohens ties with Russian interests came up in February when the New York Times reported that Cohen helped to broker a Ukraine peace plan that would call for the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine and a referendum to let Ukrainians decide whether the part of the two countries grabbed by Russia in 2014 should be leased to Moscow. The Russian government denied knowing nothing about such a plan.

The Hour reported that the armistice design was the work of Felix Sater, a business associate who has helped Trump try to find business in Russia, and Cohen.

Cohen was a fierce defender of Trump during the campaign, often haranguing probing reporters and famously objection a CNN reporter live on-air to name the specific polls that testified then-candidate Trump behind his rival, Hillary Clinton.

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Police believe Manchester bomber Salman Abedi largely acted alone

16 have been arrested so far in connection with the Manchester Arena attack, but it is thought the 22 -year-old operated on his own

Police now belief the Manchester bomber behaved largely alone in the run-up to his suicide onslaught at Ariana Grandes concert.

Soon after Salman Abedi blew himself up at Manchester Arena eight weeks ago police said they were investigating a potential fright system. But now detectives say the 22 -year-old shopped alone for most of the components he used to stir the bomb, which killed himself and 22 concertgoers on 22 May and injured 116 more.

Our inquiries present Abedi himself stimulated most of the buys of the core components and what is becoming apparent is that many of his motions and actions have been carried out alone during the four days from him landing in the country and perpetrating this awful onslaught, supposed Det Ch Supt Russ Jackson, head of the north-west counter-terrorism unit.

Abedi was born in Manchester to Libyan parents, who moved back to Tripoli in recent years, together with his younger siblings. He is believed to have visited Libya only four days before the two attacks, arriving back in the UK on 18 May.

His father and younger brother, Hashem, have been taken into custody by Libyan authorities.

Police are not ruling out that Abedi may have had accomplices. It is vital that we made to ensure that he is not part of a wider system and we cannot rule this out yet. There remain a number of things that concern us about his action prior to the attack and those of his associates which we need to get to the bottom of, supposed Jackson.

Police have arrested 16 people so far in connection with the investigation. Three men were liberated without charge on Tuesday: two men aged 20 and 24 from the Fallowfield area of south Manchester, believed to be Abedis cousins, and a 37 -year-old man from Blackley in north Manchester. A 16 -year-old boy from Withington and a 34 -year-old woman from Blackley were liberated last week shortly after their arrests.

Police have scrutinized Abedis phone accounts, together with CCTV footage, to begin to piece together his motions in the run-up to the attack. The investigation has 3,000 cables of inquiry within the counter-terrorism self-control room, with policemen analyse nearly 300 parts of digital equipment, including phones.

Much of the investigation has been painstakingly working through Salman Abedis last-place motions. We have done this by analyse his motions on CCTV and other interactions he has had whether it be with people or the phone calls he has stimulated, supposed Jackson.

With specialist supporting we have also have a good understanding of the likely component parts of the bomb and where these came from.

On Monday night police liberated a CCTV image testifying Abedi wheeling a large blue suitcase and appealed for anyone who may have heard him with it on Wilmslow Road, known locally as the Curry Mile because of its abundance of south-Asian restaurants.

We are especially keen to find out why he maintained “re going back to the” Wilmslow Road area and we need to find the blue suitcase which he used during these journeys, supposed Jackson. For the past few days policemen have been searching a landfill area in Pilsworth, Bury, reportedly looking for the case.

Eleven men remain in custody, mostly in their late teens or early twenties. Supposes can be held without charge for up to 14 days if arrested for the purposes of the Terrorism Act.

We still have a number of people in detention and we will be seeking to extend the custody of some of them as we work to understand what has has been going on and whether Abedi was helped, supposed Jackson.

The release of some people can be expected in investigations of this nature as we corroborate accounts that have been provided.

Anyone with information should call the anti-terrorist hotline in confidence on 0800 7893 21.

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Quitting Paris climate deal would threaten US security, UN chief warns

Antnio Guterres supposes exiting landmark accordance would threaten US economy and society: If someone leaves a void, I secure someone will fill it

The UN secretary general, Antnio Guterres, told on Tuesday that if the US exits the Paris climate agreement, there could be negative economic, security and societal consequences for the country.

Guterres issued the warn after calling on world leaders to adhere to the agreement in his first major lecture on climate change as secretary general.

His statements at New York Universitys Stern School of Business went as the world waits for Donald Trump to announce whether the country will continue to uphold the Paris deal, which practically 200 countries signed as a commitment to reduce greenhouse gas radiations.

In a question and answer session after the lecture, a student asked how the US can address climate change when its president has threatened to back out of the Paris accord.

If someone leaves a void, I secure someone will fill it, replied Guterres, who went on to explain what consequences such an exit could have for the US.

Today, the economy and social facets are linked to the environmental facets, but “its also” linked to the security facets, they are linked to the risks of conflict, replied Guterres.

He persisted: if you leave a void to others to occupy, you might be creating a problem to your own internal security.

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