Ivanka Trump’s new book: I’m a working mom who can’t always get a massage

Presidents daughter and adviser wants to debunks the superwoman story by saying she didnt even have time to meditate during the election

Ivanka Trump, chairman Donald Trumps daughter and adviser, laments that when the election campaign was at its busiest she had to go into survival mode and didnt have enough time to mull or treat herself to a massage, according to her new volume, released on Tuesday.

Women who work are real, she writes, in Women who Work, Rewriting the Regulation for Success, her second book.

Trump, 35, who was appointed as a White House adviser in late March, writes: Becoming comfortable authentically expressing myself as a female executive with children “ve been a little” of a expedition for me.

Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, 36, who had already been appointed in January as a senior adviser to the chairman and given the task of delivering Middle East peace, have three children and, prior to the election , no suffer in government.

The couple reportedly disclosed in fiscal declarations in March that they personally own at the least $240 m in assets and are the beneficiaries of a greater business empire to the song of $741 m. Ivanka Trump still owns her fashion business, via a trust, and a top ethics expert has advisedher to shut it down in order to avoid conflicts in the best interests.

Most of her new volume was write before her father was voted inas chairman last-place November.

She writes: During extremely high-capacity days, like during the campaign, I went into survival mode: I worked and I was with their own families; I didnt do much else. Honestly, I wasnt treating myself to a massage or constructing much day for self-care. I please I could have awoken early to mull for twenty minutes

She furnishes many anecdotes about her privilege and likewise admits her worries about not being taken seriously as a tough negotiator and executive if she carried the realities of being a young working mother.

But then she realized this was not fair to other working moms, she wrote.

I began to wonder whether I had been doing women who work a disservice by not owning the reality that, because Ive got an infant, Im in my bathrobe at 7am and theres pureed avocado all over me, she writes, according to an advance extract in Fortune.

I realized that it might be helpful in changing the narrative even in a small lane to, for example, debunks the superwoman story by posting a photograph that my husband candidly snapped of me digging in the garden-variety with the children in our backyard, my fuzz in a messy ponytail, soil on my cheek.

Prior to joining the administration formally, Trump likewise passed her own fashion label. She has stepped away from the management of that corporation, and left her real estate growth job with the family-owned Trump Organization.

Some senior staff who worked for her fashion label and later left reportedly did not have a happy suffer working for her, the Guardian revealed on Monday, amid concerns about future directions of the label and reports of an autocratic role culture.

In Women who Work, Trump said that at her real estate and fashion bureaux: I start constructing the rounds at 5:30[ pm] to check in and announce that Im going home as I leave. My crew known to be I trust them to build the right decisions about how they allocate their day, and they are able to never abuse the privilege. They also know to expect e-mails from me at 11 pm and that I dont expect an answer at that hour, unless they, like me, leave early!

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Trump taps anti-abortion leader for top health agency post

( CNN) US President Donald Trump has appointed one of the country’s contributing anti-abortion crusaders to a senior communications post in the Department of Health and Human Services.

Conservative author and commentator Charmaine Yoest will serve as assistant secretary of public affairs at HHS, the White House said in a statement Friday.

Yoest, who campaigned actively for Trump, is a senior chap at American Values, a republican nonprofit that they are consistent with “traditional family values.” But she’s better known as former president of Americans United for Life, which promotes anti-abortion legislation at the government and federal level.

Sebastian Gorka to leave White House amid accusations of links to far-right

Briton, who previously worked for Fox News and Breitbart, had been hired to sit on a consultative panel been developed by Steve Bannon

Sebastian Gorka, an adviser to Donald Trump who has been under pressure over his is linked to Hungarian far-right groups, is leaving the White House.

A senior official told Gorka, a former counterterrorism analyst for Fox News who joined the administration as an adviser, will be leaving the White House in the coming days.

The official said that Gorka had originally been been hired to sit on the strategic initiatives group, a consultative panel been developed by Trumps manager strategist Steve Bannon to run parallel to the national members of the security council.

But that group fizzled out in the early years of the administration. Gorka was unable to get permission for “the member states national” members of the security council after he was charged last year with carrying a weapon at Ronald Reagan Washington national airfield.

The Guardian reported in April that Gorka attempted to push a project designed to partition Libya into three as part of an effort to be called special emissaries to the country by Trump.

Despite his lack of a security permission, Gorka has provided as a prominent Trump surrogate on cable report, accusing reviewers of promotingfake news and touting that with Trumps election, theres a brand-new sheriff in town.

In recent weeks, one White House source told the Washington Examinerthat Gorkas persona had decreased to the point where he was appearing on television, imparting White House tours and peeling out in his Mustang.

The official communicated anonymously to discuss private personnel matters. Attempts to reach Gorka by email for comment were not immediately successful.

Gorka, who is in his 40 s, was born in London to Hungarian mothers who had fled during the countrys 1956 failed anti-Soviet revolution. His wearing of a medal awarded to his father by by the Hungarian group Vitezi Rend or Order of Heroes at the inaugural projectile for the president heightened eyebrows, as different groups, which was anti-Soviet, has been links between some to Nazi colluders.

His links to the Vitezi Rand as well as other ties to the Hungarian right had come increasingly scrutiny in recent weeks. Prior to immigrating to the United States, Gorka had mounted an unsuccessful political career in Hungary and, in doing so, formerly expressed support for a far-right militia in the country.

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Trump will decide fate of US role in climate accord in next two weeks

Washington( CNN) President Donald Trump replied Saturday he will decide the future of the United States’ role in the Paris climate accord over the next two weeks.

Trump consultants met the coming weekto discuss the possibility of the US pulling out of the deal — something that has reportedly divided men inside Trump’s circle.

The Paris climate agreement is a deal with almost 200 countries that aims to lower carbon levels over the next decade. The United States formally participatedthe agreement in September.