Travel ban 2.0 goes into effect despite courts saying security issues unfounded

Hawaii topics Trump interpretation of standard for granting visas as perimeter officials instructed to respect visas for citizens from countries in question

The United States implemented a modified version of Donald Trumps travel ban Thursday evening on some people from six Muslim-majority countries and certain refugees, quoting security concerns that federal courts have declared to be unfounded.

Travel through major US airfields appeared to be proceeding as usual, with border officials under orders to respect previously issued visas for citizens from the countries in question: Sudan, Somalia, Iran, Yemen, Syria and Libya.

The airport scenes compared crisply with the protests and security chaos that saluted the Donald Trump administrations firstly travel forbidding in January, which gleaned impassioned demonstrators and led to the sudden detainees and expulsion of travelers with valid visas.

Just before the latest traveling prohibition took effect at 8p m ET, it comes down under court objection, with the state of Hawaii questioning the Trump administrations interpreting of a standard for granting visas described by the state supreme court in a ruling Monday allowing the ban.

Travelers with a believable contend of a bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States could be exempt from the ban, the high court ruled.

The Trump administration construed bona fide relationship to include parents, children, in-laws and step-relations but to eliminate grandparents, nephews, nieces, cousins and others.

There appeared to be some indecision within the Trump administration about what the phrase indicated. Fiances were originally placed in the excluded group, only to be declared by the state department belatedly Thursday to qualify as partaking in a bona fide relationship.

David Miliband, president of the International Rescue Committee, called the situation alarming, embarrassing and inhumane.

The banning of grandmothers of unaccompanied children from Americas shores is a humiliation, Miliband mentioned. Doubly so when America is a transgressing a promise we have made to safeguard them.

State department employees were to practice discretion in assessing whether family bonds described by visa applicants were bona fide, according to a senior state department official in a conference call with reporters. Homeland security officials would rule another stratum of discretion at degrees of entry.

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$35,000 a plate: Donald Trump starts fundraising for 2020 re-election

Reporters barred from hearing chairmen remarks at fundraiser held in Trumps Washington hotel

President Donald Trump was whisked a few pulley-blocks from the White House to his hotel on Wednesday night for his first re-election fundraiser. But reporters were are prohibited from hearing his remarks.

Security was tight at the Trump International Hotel, where guests in long gowns and sharp dress started arriving around five.

The chairwomen motorcade was greeted by protesters outside hoisting signs with slogans such as Health care not taxation slasheds and chanting Dishonor! Shame!

First-time candidate Donald Trump got a late start on fundraising in 2016, comprising his first big-ticket donor occurrence simply five a few months ago Election Day.

Forty months before his next election, the president maintains courtroom at a $35,000 a plateful donor occurrence Wednesday night at his hotel in Washington. About 300 people are expected to attend an event that will pull in about $10 million, articulated Lindsay Jancek, a spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee.

Breaking the tradition of his predecessor, Trump is not letting reporters to hear his remarks to the group of donors despite public announcements earlier in the day that a pond of reporters would be allowed in to hear the presidents remarks.

Its a political occurrence and theyve chosen to keep that separate, White House deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced when asked why the occurrence is closed to the media.

After reporters complained, Sanders announced the presidents remarks would be opened to the press only to reverse herself hours later.

Unfortunately there was some distraction with the RNC, and due to the logistical challenges bringing in the press at this late time is not going to be possible, she said in an email.

Sanders also said there was nothing unusual about heightening political cash so early.
Hes raising money for the working party, she said. I dont were of the view that abnormal for any president.

Sanders statement that Trump is creating money for the GOP tells simply the members of the story, though.

The first slouse of the money grown be applicable to Trumps 2020 re-election campaign. The rest get spread among the RNC and other various Republican entities. Having multiple recipients is what allows Trump to request well above the usual $5,400 per-donor maximum for each election cycle.

Those contribution limits are likely to change because this fundraiser is so early that brand-new donation restrictions for 2020 have not been be determined by the Federal Election Commission.

Trumps historically early campaigning come here for benefits and challenges.
In the first three months of this year, the Trump campaign created more than$ 7 million, through small-minded gifts and sales of Trump-themed merchandise such as the ubiquitous, Make America Great Again ball caps.

The RNC also is benefiting from the new chairwomen active campaigning, having raised about $62 million through the end of last month. The party has raised more online this year than it did in all of 2016.

Trumps re-election money helps pay for his political rallyings. He has comprised five so far, and campaign head Michael Glassner replies those events help keep him connected to his base of voters.

The constant politicking, however, intends it is challenging for government employees to avoid inappropriately traversing ethical lines. Some watchdog groups have flagged White House employee tweets that veer into campaign territory. White House spokeswoman Lindsay Walters mentions the employees work closely with solicitors to escape pitfalls.

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Con man or brilliant? Clashing portraits of Martin Shkreli offered as trial begins

At start of securities fraud experiment, US prosecutor accused ex-pharmaceutical CEO of building a bogus hedge fund empire by telling lies on top of lies on top of lies

Martin Shkreli is either a con man who scammed hedge fund investors of millions or a nerdy genius who stimulated them even richer.

The conflicting portraits were offered Wednesday at opening statements of Shkrelis protections impostor test, a example colored by the ex-pharmaceutical CEOs antics on social media which, despite the recommend of his solicitors to lay low, have never subsided.

Is he strange? Yes, defense attorney Benjamin Brafman told the jurors in federal courtroom in Brooklyn. Will you find him strange? Yes. But Martin Shkreli, despite all his flaws and dysfunctional personality, is brilliant beyond words.

In his opening, aide US attorney Karthik Srinivasan accused Shkreli of constructing a bogus hedge fund empire by telling lies on top of lies on top of lies. Though he drew himself as a Wall Street wizard, in reality, he was just a con man, the public prosecutor replied.

Shkreli, sometimes dubbed Pharma Bro, often slumped in his chair and seemed bored during jury selection but listened intently and took notes during the governments opening. As his solicitor communicated, he beamed on occasion.

Shkreli, 34, became a pariah in 2015 after anti-retroviral drugs company he founded, Turing Medicines, invested $55 m for the US privileges to sell a life-saving drug called Daraprim and promptly raised the cost from $13.50 to $750 per pill.

The spotlight intensified afterwards that year with his arrest on accusations unrelated to Daraprim focusing on a pair of failed hedge funds he founded. After he lost investors money through bad business, he secretly looted Retrophin, another pharmaceutical corporation where he was CEO, for $10 m to pay back his disgruntled patrons, Srinivasan supposed.

Rather than owning up to his lies and acknowledging his investments were a los, the defendant doubled down by engaging in an even bigger hoax, he told.

The alleged victims in the case were high-rolling investors who were drew attention to Shkrelis quirky personality and terminated up getting their money back and more because Retrophin eventually became a successful startup worth$ 1bn, Brafman announced.

Board members of his corporations who constructed fun of Shkreli behind his back questioning his sexuality, wondering if he was autistic and calling him Rain Man after the movie character misunderstood his aptitudes, said here defense lawyer, who referred to his client as a nerd, odd duck and a mad scientist.

He added: As Lady Gaga articulated, He was Born This Way.

Jury selection, which started Monday, dragged out until late Wednesday afternoon as the judge sought to find jurors who could dismiss the negative press over the price-gouging scandal. Also hard to ignore was Skhrelis footprint on social media where he boasted about buying a one-of-a-kind Wu-Tang Clan album for$ 2m and got kicked off Twitter for trolling a female freelance reporter in creepy-crawly routes.

Questioned by the judge during sidebars, prospective jurors described Shkreli as the face of corporate avarice and a snake.

In this particular case, another dismissed juror told Wednesday, the only thing Id be impartial about is what prison he goes to.

Shkreli is free on$ 5m bond. If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison.

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Security lockdown in Hong Kong as Xi Jinping marks anniversary of handover

About 11,000 policemen will be deployed during Chinese presidents visit as areas of the city are made off limits to the public

Swaths of Hong Kong have been placed into an unprecedented security lockdown as Chinese chairperson Xi Jinping arrives in the city to differentiate 20 years since the UK handed the city back to China.

Mass demonstrations are expected to greet Xi on the 1 July anniversary, an annual tradition amplified by his presence in the town. Prominent Hong Kong democracy activists, including Joshua Wong and lawmaker Nathan Law, were arrested after they staged a sit in the night before Xis arrival.

The UK handed Hong Kong back to China on 1 July, 1997, objective over 150 years of colonial govern. The metropoli was allowed to remain autonomous from mainland China, and maintains separate constitutions, government and liberties under a framework known as one country, two systems.

Saturdays annual parade is expected to draw dozens of thousands of demonstrators, starting just as Xi prepares to depart.

Hong Kong has been lied to for 20 times, organisers of the rallying wrote in the following statement. Lets retake Hong Kong for a real and fully fledged democracy.

Acts of civil disobedience had begun to as police said they arrested 26 people between the ages of 19 and 61 the darknes before Xis arrival.

Protesters stormed a statue just outside where Xi is set to give a lecture to celebrate the handover, unfurling flags calling for the release of Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo, who was recently diagnosed with terminal liver cancer while in prison.

Some in the group climbed on top of the 6-metre high statue of a golden bauhinia flower, a endow from Beijing to recognize the citys return to China in 1997, while others sat all over the base and chained themselves together.

Dozens of mainland Chinese sightseers were bussed in to watch the daily flag lowering ceremony, simply beside the statue, and watched with intense interest, mobile phones maintained high-pitched to capture a moment rarely considered to be in China.

Police dragged Wong off the statue, with four officers carrying him to a police van as he hollered, Hong Kong people, dont give up! Protest on 1 July!

They may miss any planned objection if police apply to have them comprised longer than the typical 48 -hour period allowed by law.

About 11,000 policemen, more than a third of the Hong Kong police force, will be deployed during Xis visit.

The Chinese president will likewise swear in Hong Kongs next commander, Carrie Lam, on Saturday, as well as inspect several highly controversial existing infrastructure including an extension of Beijings palace museum and the bridge connecting Hong Kong to mainland China and inspect troops at the local fort of the Peoples Liberation Army.

The area surrounding Xis hotel, the Grand Hyatt, and the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, where the main handover anniversary liturgy will take place, are under complete lockdown, ringed by 2-metre high water-filled impediments.

The police presence is feel everywhere in the area, with policemen on almost every corner.

The government has also blanketed the city with cherry-red and yellowish banners welcoming Xi and hosting dozens of occurrences to celebrate the occasion. More than 120,000 young people are expected to participate in events celebrating the handover, as officials try to instil a larger sense of connect with China among Hong Kongs youth.

But not all events are welcome. Police have censored a schemed vigil to mourn the demise of the city by the pro-independence Hong Kong National Party, accusing the group of violating the Basic Law, the citys mini-constitution.

Police have also cautioned journalists that they will be ejected from any cases if conduct is unrelated to reporting duties.

We will not tell you what individual behaviour is permitted and what is not, chief superintendent Fok Lok-sang mentioned at a press briefing.

We will look at the overall situation even if you are just asking questions or doing something else the authorities concerned will look at the environment and whether developments in the situation is related to reporting or other purposes.

During the last visit of a Chinese chairwoman to Hong Kong in 2012, a reporter was taken away by police after he asked a question about the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre, a subject banned in China.

Any use of drones above Victoria Harbour, directly beside Xis hotel and parties to the convention centre, will be treated as a terrorist act, assistant police commissioner Cheng Yiu-mo added.

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R2-D2 droid used in Star Wars films sells for $2.76m

Luke Skywalkers lightsaber and Darth Vaders helmet prove less popular in California auction

An R2-D 2 droid that was used in several Star Wars cinemas has sold for millions at an auction in California.

The auction house Profile in History said the 43 -inch( 110 cm) tall division that was compiled from portions used throughout filming of the original trilogy selling off $2.76 m on Wednesday.

There was no information about who purchased the droid, which was the most expensive item offered in a movie memorabilia auction that included numerous props from the Star Wars franchise.

Other items up for sale included Luke Skywalkers lightsaber from the first two movies, which sold for $450,000 and Darth Vaders helmet from the original movie sold for $96,000.

The Calabasas, California-based Profiles in History had estimated the droid could fetch up to$ 2m before Wednesdays sale.

Other space-themed film and television services and facilities memorabilia was also for sale, with a collecting of 23 ships from Battlestar Galactica and Buck Rogers sold for $1.8 m. A helmet worn by late actor Bill Paxton on the establish of Aliens selling off $51,000.

Not all the items that sold were out of this world. The ignited dancefloor from Saturday Night Fever sold for $1.2 million.

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