Donald Trump considering China sanctions over North Korea, say officials

Inaction over Pyongyang and trade campaign thought to have prompted the US president to look at options including tariffs on steel imports

US president Donald Trump is growing increasingly frustrated with China over its inaction on North Korea and bilateral trade issues and is now considering possible busines activities against Beijing, three senior administration officials told Reuters.

The officials told Trump was impatient with China and was looking at alternatives including tariffs on steel imports, which commerce secretary Wilbur Ross has already said he is considering as part of their own nationals protection investigate of the domestic steel industry.

Whether Trump would actually take any steps against China remains unclear. In April, he backed off from a threat to withdraw from the North American Free Trade Agreement( Nafta) after he said Canadian and Mexican leaders asked him to halt a planned executive ordering in favour of opening discussions.

The officials said there was no consensus yet on the way forward with China and they did not say what other options were being studied. No decision was expected the coming week, a senior official said.

Chinese steel is already subject to dozens of anti-dumping and anti-subsidy orders. As a answer it has only a small share of the US market.

Whats guiding this is he operated to protect American industry and American workers, one of the US officials articulated, referring to Trumps 2016 election promise to take a hard line on trade with China.

On North Korea, Trump feels like he imparted China a chance to make a difference but has not verified enough outcomes, government officials said.

The US has pressed China to exert more economic and diplomatic pressure on North Korea to help rein in its nuclear and missile programs. Beijing has repeatedly said its force on North koreans is limited and that it is doing all it can.

They did a little , not a lot, the official told. And if hes not going to get what he requires on that, he needs to move ahead on his broader schedule on busines and on North Korea.

The death of American university student Otto Warmbier last week, after his release from 17 months of imprisonment in Pyongyang, has further complicated Trumps approach to North koreans, his top national protection challenge.

Trump signalled his disappointment with Chinas tries in a tweet a week ago: While I greatly acknowledge the efforts of President Xi& China to help with North Korea, it has not worked out. At least I know China tried!

Trump had made a grand gesture of his lust for warm ties with Chinas president, Xi Jinping, when he played host to Xi in April at his Mar-a-Lago retreat in Palm Beach, Florida. I imagine China will be stepping up, Trump said at the time.

Since then, nonetheless, North Koreas tests of long-range missiles have continued unabated and there have been reports Pyongyang is preparing for another underground nuclear test.

Trump dropped by last-place Thursday when White House national protection adviser HR McMaster and Trump senior adviser Jared Kushner were satisfying Chinese commonwealth councillor Yang Jiechi, public officials said. Chinas inability to make headway on North Korea was one of the topics that was discussed, according to two people familiar with the gratify.

Officials in Beijing did not respond to a request for comment on the meeting.

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Bill Cosby likely won’t speak publicly before sexual assault retrial, lawyer says

Amid rumors that disgraced comedian wanted to hold series of town hall, lawyer said she cant envisage his legal squad would let him perform or speak

Bill Cosbys town hall tour is unlikely to happen before his retrial on sex assault charges in Pennsylvania, one of his lawyers supposed Tuesday.

After a hearing to establish a trial date in a sex insult lawsuit in Los Angeles superior court against the comic, lawyer Angela Agrusa said that Cosby would not be discussing sexual abuse and she cant see his legal crew would let him perform or communicate publicly as congressmen said he planned to do this summer.

He doesnt take lightly these criminal charges, Agrusa mentioned. He would never do anything that undermined the importance of this issue. I dont appreciate him speaking publicly like that.

Talk of the forums after a jury deadlocked in Pennsylvania in the criminal case triggered a backlash from groups that advocate for sexual assault victims and civilize about sexual abuse.

Spokespeople for Cosby and his wife had said the forums at least one scheduled to take place in Birmingham, Alabama, next month when Cosby turns 80 are directed at civilizing young people how to stay out of trouble and be known changing sexual abuse laws.

After those plans were blamed, though, a spokesman said the meetings was ever intended to be about sexual abuse but an effort to restore Cosbys legacy.

Cosby himself took issue Tuesday with the notion of a sexual assault tour, dismissing it as propaganda, though he left open the possibility of some future event.

The current propaganda that I am going to conduct a sex crime tour is false-hearted, Cosby said in a statement. Any further information about public schemes will be given at the appropriate time.

The comedian and performer once known as Americas Dad for his Tv role on The Cosby Show as paternal Dr Cliff Huxtable has had his reputation tarnished with the allegations of sexual abuse by virtually 60 women.

One of those accusers is Judy Huth, who accused the comic of forcing her to perform a sex act on him in a bedroom at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles around 1974 when she was 15.

Judge Craig Karlan tentatively scheduled that test for 30 July next year with the expectation it would arise after a new trial in Pennsylvania.

Prosecutors in Pennsylvania said they plan to retry Cosby, maybe this fall.

A mistrial was declared 17 June on costs Cosby medication and molested Andrea Constand, the former Temple University director of womens basketball, at his suburban Philadelphia home in 2004. Cosby said the encounter was consensual.

Cosbys legal crew said succes after the mistrial and then his representatives announced the town hall tour.

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Srebrenica massacre: Dutch soldiers let 300 Muslims die, court rules

UN peacekeepers should have known boys were in danger, appeals court in The Hague principles over 1995 mass killing in Bosnia

Dutch soldiers acting as UN peacekeepers were partly liable for the deaths of about 300 Muslim humen massacred near Srebrenica in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the Yugoslavian civil campaign, an appeals court in The Hague has ruled.

The ruling upholds policy decisions 3 years ago that the Dutch powers ought to have known that the men seeking refuge at their base would be murdered by Bosnian Serb troops unless they are turned away.

Many of the victims had fled to Srebrenicas UN-designated safe area merely to find themselves outnumbered and the lightly-armed Dutch troops unable to defend them. It was then that they headed to the nearby Dutch base, only to be subsequently handed over to their murderers.

Presiding judge Gepke Dulek-Schermers used to say Dutch soldiers knew or should have known that “the mens” were not only being screened but were in real danger of being subjected to torture or execution by having “the mens” leave the compound unreservedly, the latter are deprived of a chance of survival.

The judge added that the soldiers had facilitated the separation of both men and the sons among the refugees.

The ruling came as a solicitor for 200 Dutch army veterans said his clients is my intention to sue the nation for seeks compensation for the trauma they suffered after being mailed on an impossible mission in Srebrenica.

Michael Ruperti said the men are campaigning for a symbolic 22,000( 19,500) each or 1,000 for every year since the murder took place, delivering the value of the total suit to 4.5 m.

The 200 soldiers were serving in the Dutch regiment Dutchbat III protecting the Muslim enclave when it was over-run by Bosnian Serbs for the purposes of the command of former general Ratko Mladi.

About 8,000 Muslim men and boys in total were killed by Bosnian Serb troops in Srebrenica in July 1995, in what is believed to be the most difficult mass killing on European clay since the second world war.

The ruling in the appeals court pertains specifically to the 300 men who had sought security on the Dutch-controlled base.

The amount of damages will be determined in a separate procedure unless the victims and the state can reach a colonization.

The Dutch government resigned in 2002 after accepting its failure to protect the refugees. The Netherlands maintains that the Bosnian Serbs , not Dutch troops, bear responsibility for the killings.

Mladi is on trial for genocide with a finding expected subsequently this year. The court repudiated appeal procedures from relatives of other Srebrenica victims, who argued the Dutch government should be held responsible for the protection of thousands more Muslims who had gleaned outside the base.

Munira Subasic, of the Mothers of Srebrenica group, said: This is a great injustice. The Dutch state should take its responsibility for our victims because they could have maintained them all safe on the Dutchbat[ Dutch battalions] compound.

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Ex-Trump adviser says FBI interviewed him about Russia investigation

Carter Page interviews are most extensive question of a potential suspect in the investigations into possible coordinated with the Trump campaign and Russia

A former foreign policy adviser to Donald Trumps election campaign has claimed that he underwent a series of interviews by the FBI in March, the Guardian has confirmed.

Carter Page repeatedly denied wrongdoing when asked about charges that he behaved as an intermediary between Russia and the Trump campaign, the Washington Post reported . He was apparently questioned during a series of five working sessions that lasted a total of around 10 hours.

In an email to the Guardian on Monday, Page wrote that the FBI accepted his loyalty to the US but were worried that he rejected the findings and conclusions of a US intelligence report in January involving Russian interference in the presidential election. He said his mistrust stemmed from the so-called dodgy dossier of 2003 presumably a reference to the UKs shortcoming report on weapons of mass destruction that led to the Iraq war.

During my extensive the consultations with the FBI agents just weeks before Comeys departure, they acknowledged that Im a loyal American veteran but indicated that their management was concerned that I did not believe the conclusions of the fake January 6 intellect report, Page wrote.

I told them that I learned the lessons from the intelligence failures of the original Dodgy Dossier from 2003 which rate this country thousands of service members lives and over a trillion dollars. Our frankfurter and open discussions gave me confidence that there is always logical, honest people at the Bureau who respect civil rights and the Constitution, despite the most recent devastating impact on our republic by self-centered politicians at the top of the Clinton-Obama-Comey regime.

The Page interviews with the FBI are the deepest known question of a potential suppose in the investigation into possible coordinated with the Trump campaign and Russia. It is not known if they yielded any salient information.

Page, who has repeatedly called for warmer the relationship with Russia , was called as a foreign policy consultant to the Trump campaign in March 2016 but was axed after queries start about his ties to Moscow. Trump officials have denied that he was an influential figure in the campaign.

Meanwhile an exceptional struggle of words has intensified between the Trump and Obama administrations over the extent of Russian interference and whether more could have been done to stop it.

In apparent great efforts to deflect fees of blockage and collusion on to his predecessor, Trump tweeted on Monday: The real narrative is that President Obama did NOTHING after being informed in August about Russian meddling. With four months looking at Russia … under a magnifying glass, they have zero tapes of T people colluding. There is no collusion& no obstruction. I should be given apology!

Trump appeared to be referring to a Washington Post report last-place Friday about the Obama administrations response to Russias attempts to influence voters in which some former officials showed the former chairpeople strategy was too modest, perhaps for anxiety of playing into Trumps narrative that such elections would be rigged.

Asked what prove Trump has that Obama was colluding or obstructing, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said on Monday: I think it comes back to this idea that theyve been very clear, theyve been playing this card about blaming Trump and Russia. And yet, at the same day, they were the ones who, according to this report, know exactly why it and didnt take any action.

So the question is, were they – if they didnt take decisions, does that make them complicit? I think that there is a lot of issues that have to get answered about who didnt know what and when.

Spicer was then challenged over Trumps remark at a press conference last-place July in which he said he hoped Russia could find Hillary Clintons missing emails. A reporter required: How are you able accuse President Obama of obstructing, after they had been egging Russia on?

The press secretary claimed: He was joking at the time. We all know.

Former Obama administration officials have also pushed back at Trumps onslaughts, suggesting that they are a characteristic is making an effort to transformation blame from his own conduct.

David Litt , a former Obama speechwriter, told the Guardian: Id take President Trumps sudden interest in preventing Russian meddling more seriously if he hadnt called on Russian intelligence to release hacked State Department emails in a press conference he held last year. Call me crazy, but I guess President Trumps criticisms might not be entirely sincere.

Ned Price, who worked at the CIA from 2006, very recently as the spokesperson for the National Security Council, told the MSNBC channel: He is hurling back the terms that he has been accused of and its a defense that frankly has no basis and thats because his actions have been indefensible. On the campaign trail he praised WikiLeaks 164 periods in the final month alone, he called on Russia to hack Hillary Clintons emails and he has consistently denied any meddling on the part of Moscow.

Price added: In words of what the Obama administration did, gaze, lets not forget that our paramount objective was to ensure the integrity of the vote, our most sacred workout in our republic, and we did that, as both the Obama administration and subsequently the Trump administration has confirmed. Moscow was not able to interfere with the election process, they were not able to tamper with votes.

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Brazil’s president Michel Temer charged over alleged corruption

Temer is accused of accepting bribes but any is moving towards experiment would have to pass congress by a two-third majority

Brazils top federal prosecutor has accused President Michel Temer with accepting bribes, the first of what is expected to be a series of graft charges against the commander in the coming weeks.

Prosecutor Rodrigo Janot delivered the charge to the state supreme court on Monday and, under Brazilian law, the lower house of congress must now vote on whether to allow the tribunal to try a sitting president.

Lawmakers within Temers coalition are confident they have the votes to block the two-third majority required to proceed with a test.

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