Orange Order: Protestants told not to use RIP as it is Catholic superstition

Five hundred years after reformation, Northern Irelands Orange Order mentions RIP is un-Protestant and un-biblical

The Orange Order has advised its members and all those who consider themselves Protestant to stop using the phrase RIP to offer sympathy after a person has died because it is un-Protestant, un-biblical and a notion are attached to Catholicism.

An article in The Orange Standard, the Northern Ireland-centred Protestant organisations newspaper, said here word was an illustration of spiritual distraction within Protestant cliques.

Noting the increased use of RIP an abbreviation of the Latin phrase requiescat in pace, or rest in peace on social media, Wallace Thompson, secretary of Evangelical Protestants Northern Ireland, told: Im conscious that this sort of issue is a sensitive one because when we use those letters we are doing so at the time of a death.

Just find social media, we have noticed that the notes RIP are employed a lot by Protestants, and some by evangelical Protestants.

I understand the Roman Catholic position on this, its more a concern that I would have and that the evangelical Protestant society would have just for a better understanding among evangelical Protestants of the questions, Thompson said on BBC Radio Ulsters Talkback program.

Thompson, who likewise wrote a Facebook post on the issue, said he considered RIP to be a devotion for the dead, which he did not encourage.

From a Protestant point of view, we believe that … when demise arrives a person either goes to be with Christ for all eternity, or into inferno … thats what we belief the gospel to be. In this 500 th year of the reformation I think[ Martin] Luther, when the scales fell off his eyes, I think he realised it was all by sect alone, in Christ alone, that … when demise sees that decision[ on whether you go to heaven or hell] has been made and no decisions are made after demise, articulated Thompson.

Speaking on the same program, former Presbyterian church moderator Dr Ken Newell said he did not often application RIP. I reckon where individuals apply[ RIP] in social media, theres a recollection and a good please in it, almost a boon, he said.

He did not envision people were praying for the dead when using the word. If folk in the Orange Order wishes to take this pipeline thats perfectly up to them, “they il be” making a good point.

I conceive ordinary people have not worked out the issues. This comes out of the human rights heart, Newell said.

The Orange Orders origins date from the 17 th century combat for ascendancy between Catholicism and Protestantism. It sees itself as preserving the predominance of a Protestant monarch in the UK.

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Blind date: She thinks Im a sad, naive hipster

Did 24 -year-old student Tom and headhunter Willow, 23, hit it off?

Tom on Willow

What were you hoping for?
A story for my friends to embarrass me with at parties.

First impressions ?
She was lovely, in that effortless, graceful way.

What did you talk about ?
Older humen, Jerry Springer, how we view our jobs, the Guyliners blog.

Any awkward instants ?
Probably when I told her she seemed older than she was.

Good table manners ?
Perfect: far more than mine.

Best thing about Willow ?
She has a lot of confidence and clearly knows what she craves from life.

Would you introduce her to your friends?
She would dislike my friends.

Describe her in three terms
Disarming, grow, content.

What do you think she made of you ?
A sad, naive hipster who doesnt understand the best interests of the money.

Did you go on somewhere ?
Only to the tube station.

And … did you kiss ?

If you could change one thing about the night, what would it be ?
Someone with whom I had more in common. It was a lovely evening, but the chit-chat was mainly polite.

Marks out of 10 ?

Would you meet again ?
She has my amount, so the balls in her court.

Willow on Tom

What were you hoping for?
A gorgeous male, and a flirt.

First impress ?
I felt like he was interviewing me for the first 10 minutes.

What did “were talking about” ?
University, career paths, Jerry Springer. I see I offended him by saying I dont like east London, where he lives.

Any awkward minutes ?
I told him hes 10 years younger than guys I typically date.

Good table manners ?
Hes a teetotal vegan, so I had all the food and wine.

Best thing about Tom ?
Hes very friendly.

Would you introduce him to your friends ?
I dont think theyd get on.

Describe him in three words
Friendly, tall, quirky.

What do you think he made of you ?
He gave me his number, so perhaps didnt see I was crazy.

Did you go on somewhere?
He proposed going for a drink, but I politely declined.

And … did you kiss ?
We hugged slightly awkwardly.

If you could change one thing about the evening, what the fuck is it be ?
It would be with someone else.

Marks out of 10 ?

Would you meet again ?

Willow and Tom feed at Bala Baya, London SE1

Fancy a blind date? Email @theguardian. com.
If youre looking to meet someone like-minded, inspect subscribe/ blinddate

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British scuba diver dies exploring shipwreck off US coast

Steven Slater, 46, of Gateshead, was part of a group diving to see wreckage of Andrea Doria ocean liner off Nantucket

A British scuba diver has died exploring the wreckage of an ocean liner off the US coast.

The man, named as Steven Slater, 46, of Gateshead, was part of a group diving to verify the Andrea Doria, an Italian ship that sank off the coast of Nantucket, Massachusetts, in 1956.

Crew members from the Ol Salty II boat are said to have drawn Slater unconscious from the water on Monday, and he was later pronounced dead.

A statement from their own families, posted on the Facebook page of the Underwater Marketing Company, said: It is with absolute sadness that we have to tell you that Steven expired on Monday 24 th July whilst diving in the United States. We are all heartbroken but glean convenience knowing he was doing something that he loved.

A post on the Eurotek Advanced Diving Conference page mentioned: Steve was a hugely respected and well-liked British wreck and technical diver. Steve pursued his passion, actively researching then scouring and diving missing wrecks with his friends.

The SS Andrea Doria drop in the Atlantic en route to New York when it collided with the MS Stockholm, killing 46 people.

Ol Salty IIs captain, Nick Caruso, said here on Facebook: Were coming home. Sad intent. Our deepest, anguish and sympathy to the family and friends of the lost friend shipwreck diver.

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Manchester United end US tour with underwhelming display in loss to Barcelona

Manchester United closed their pre-season tour of America on a dissonant note by losing 1-0 to Barcelona in what was a pedestrian indicate from Jos Mourinhos outfit

Manchester United closed their pre-season tour of America on a dissonant note by losing this fifth jaunt in what was a pedestrian reveal from Jos Mourinhos outfit.

The manager has serially emphasized makes do not subject and Uniteds time here is all about fitness and squad gelling. Thus he will return home content with the 5 equals that have certainly kick-started that process.

Mourinho was however unhappy at his rearguard. It was an open play, we didnt defend well, he said. Im not happy. But in the second half lots of changes for them and for us, but both teams play for research results we tried to equalise, they tried to keep the ball, owned and protect well so in second half the match was positive.

United are due back in Manchester early on Thursday morning and will touch down with four wins under their belt as thoughts turn to the Uefa Super Cup meeting with Real Madrid in Macedonia on 8 August. Mourinhos side look Vlerenga and Sampdoria in their final warm-ups before the trip-up to Skopje.

As Ernesto Valverde started with Lionel Messi, Neymar and Luis Surez up top, Ivan Rakiti and Sergio Busquets in midfield, and Javier Mascherano and Marcelo as part of his defense, this was the most powerful opposition United faced during their 18 days away.

So after those four previous wins the mission to achieve a clean sweep required what would be Uniteds more impressive victory of the trip.

The challenge began promisingly. Marcus Rashford, operating on the interests of Uniteds 4-2-3-1, hit Romelu Lukaku with a ball that skidded towards the striker as he raced into the region. Lukaku connected but the ball was skied over Jasper Cillessens goal.

From here Barca predominated for most of the half though United had their instants. First up was Neymar who followed a dribble by reaching a shot directly at David De Gea. Next, Neymar fed Messi and he did the same the No1 spilling this time before recovering.

Suarez now became the most recent Barca player to find space between Uniteds lines. When he broke through the attempt this time tested De Gea and he saved well, relinquishing a corner. Messi started far closer when given another chance, the No10 beating De Gea but not the goalkeepers left post.

United met Barcas ultra quick pass-and-go difficult to root. They are not the first and “isnt gonna be” the last to do so. And to their credit when they managed to wrest the ball into their owned and rove forward questions were asked of Valverdes unit.

Rashford and Paul Pogba, in particular, were keen to take the competition to Barca. The latter shaped one buccaneering run down the privilege that stretched the turquoise rearguard and earlier Pogba had grown Carles Alena neatly before blazing at Cillessen, the defender thumping ball away.

Rashford provided Uniteds best minute of the stanza. From its own position on the left he raced toward goal, vanquish Surez and Samuel Umtiti, and at close range smack-dab the projectile at Cillessen, who rebuffed it.

Given Barcas technical superiority, the last thing United craved was to cede the projectile needlessly. Yet they did so by clumsy go and determining, on occasion, to hoof the ball in the air from a goal-kick.

This, as Pep Guardiola argues, often entails it comes back at you promptly. So it was that from a De Gea clearance Neymar was almost instantaneously in on the Spaniard and United were fortunate they did not concede.

Yet this giving away of projectile have all contributed to Barcas winner. This time United lost it near the Catalans field and defense quickly turned into attack. Daley Blinds attempted pass went awry, Barca zipped forward, Surez fed Messi, he wove the ball into Neymars path inside the region, Antonio Valencia hashed a tackle, and the No11 made no mistake.

United saw close to allowing a second before half-time via a similar mix-up. Blind again was culpable, this time for a contaminate that imparted away a free-kick when he downed Messi. The Argentinian took this and flip-flop the ball towards Surez. Victor Lindelof did well to throw his head on the pass but the purposes of the act confused Chris Smalling and United only just escaped.

Bara deserved certain advantages and started the second largest half holding a result they would not capitulate. For Uniteds final 45 minutes Stateside, Mourinho switched the same three players in defence as during the course of its break of the 2-0 win over Manchester City in Houston.

Out ran Lindelof, Blind and Smalling, and in went Eric Bailly, Phil Jones, and Matteo Darmian. Sergio Romero also supplanted De Gea and Marouane Fellaini was on for Michael Carrick.

The good report for United was that the Messi-Surez-Neymar trident was also totally removed. The bad news was proceedings absence their previous stardust. If this killed the high-quality that had been on display, Barca still managed to pulling United around to put Darmian under pressure, the left-back punting the ball into touch.

Andres Iniesta was on for Bara and a genius of a midfielder will then be chagrined at the manner in which one pinpoint pass rebounded off Arda Turan another substitute for momentum to be lost.

To try and pull the equal around Mourinho shaped two more changes on 62 minutes. Andreas Pereira took the anonymous Henrik Mkhitaryans home and Anthony Martial did the same regarding the similarly ineffective Jesse Lingard.

As De Gea had been, Romero was the busiest of the two custodians. The Argentinian was called into action when Paco Alcacer could kill from a few yards and he was able to keep his side only air strikes behind. At the other culminate Pereira twice took aim but could nor beat Cillessen.

At the extinction, Rashford might have nicked an equaliser but this has not been able to ought to have deserved.

Barcelona ( 4-3-3 ): Cillessen; Nelsinho, Umtiti, Mascherano, Alba; Busquets, Rakitic, Alena; Messi, Suarez, Neymar.

Manchester United ( 4-2-3-1 ): De Gea( Romero, ht ); Valencia( Tuanzebe, 84 ), Lindelof( Jones, ht ), Smalling( Bailly, ht ), Blind( Darmian, ht ); Pogba( Fellaini, ht ), Carrick; Rashford, Mkhitaryan( Pereira, 62 ), Lingard( Martial, 62 ); Lukaku.

Yellow: Pogba( 39 ), Fellaini ( 83)

Attendance: 80,162

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Benjamin Netanyahu threatens to expel al-Jazeera from Israel

Prime minister accuses Qatar-based network of stirring violence in coverage of protests around holy locate in Jerusalem

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday said he would work to close the Jerusalem roles of al-Jazeera, accusing the Qatar-based television news system of prompting recent violence in the city.

Jerusalem is experiencing one of its most tense dates in years as Palestinians protest against heightened Israeli security measures near the Temple Mount-Noble Sanctuary compound, one of the citys holiest sites. The events have been largely reported, including by al-Jazeera.

The al-Jazeera network continues to stir violence around the Temple Mount, Netanyahu wrote on his Facebook page in Hebrew. I have spoken several times to law-enforcement authorities demanding the closing of al-Jazeeras agencies in Jerusalem. If this does not happen because of legal interpretation, I will work to enact the required legislative measures to expel al-Jazeera from Israel, the Israeli leader added.

The Qatar-based system was not immediately available for comment.

The spike in tensions and the deaths of three Israelis and four Palestinians in violence on Friday and Saturday raised international alarm.

Al-Jazeera has furthermore faced government denunciation in neighbouring Egypt when in 2014, the Arab state jailed three al-Jazeera employees for seven years and closed the networks agencies. Two have been released but a third persists imprisoned.

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