“Not a Cluster of Cells”: Mom Shares Raw Photos of Stillborn Delivered at 14 Weeks

After losing her son, Japeth Peace, on July 24, Felicia Cash shared a heart-wrenching post on Facebook, with the expectations of bringing to light just how complete, real, formed and alive a babe is at merely 14 weeks gestation.

Felicia was three-and-a-half months pregnant with her precious baby boy when she miscarried. Through the heartbreak and devastation, the mother of five working was astonished by how developed her son was at just 14 weeks and six days old. He was just as much of a human being then as anyone else.

“He is perfectly and wonderfully formed, right down to his amazing tiny toes and fingers. Even his fingernails are formed and visible. Tiny veins that carried his own blood to his precious torso can be through his delicate skin, even his wonderfully formed muscles are visible. At less than half gestation he is very obviously human , not a cluster of cells , not a glob of tissue , not a blob of unformed body. He is a beautiful child, formed by God, and now gone to be with Him.”

As if opening up about the loss of her son gone too soon wasn’t painful enough, Felicia posted photos of her stillborn son to show his complete and perfect humanness.


“His tiny heart was thumping within 16 days of conception, pumping his own blood. That is generally before anyone knows that they are pregnant. There seems to be a misconception that unless you can hear or see it, it isn’t materialize, but that tiny heart is beating, even if it is too small to hear or see.”

Felicia and her husband desperately is seeking to be pregnant for 13 years, before constructing the fearless decision to foster children.

They took in three sisters, and adopted the girls just two years later.

Within hours of finalizing their adoption and officially welcoming their daughters into their forever home, the Cash family learned they would soon grow by one more.

“[ T] he morning after we signed their adoption papers in tribunal, we found out that we were expecting. Eight months later, our oldest son was bear. A few years after that, “were in” blessed with another.”

Felicia never imagined years before that she’d found a family like this, much shorter biological children who she was able to carry, grow and birth herself.

In the springtime of 2017, Felicia became pregnant a third occasion. This time, with TWINS!

But “complications” that began at six weeks were just the opening up of heartache for these mothers. When Felicia started bleeding, she and her husband went to the hospital in fright of miscarriage.

Doctors proved one of the twins had indeed succumbed. But the remaining twin was health and strong.

However, their panics returned when the bleeding continued later on. They were told it was simply remnants of the first loss, and a “hematoma beneath the placenta.”

But on July 24, Felicia woke to more bleeding, and even some pain.

She called her husband at work just 20 minutes away, but as soon as she hung up the phone, Felicia’s water broke.

“Within 10 times I had delivered my tiny son into my own hands.”

As she held her itty itty-bitty child in her hands, Felicia constructed yet another fearless decided not to report those few moments of his tiny little life.

Sharing the photos was extremely difficult, but Felicia insisted, “I was well known that I couldn’t let their own lives count for nothing.”


She explains in her Facebook post that contrary to popular belief, a number of vital sensory progress start taking place at merely SEVEN weeks.

“A baby’s hearing begins to develop around six weeks. Their nerve ending the’ consternation buttons’ begin to develop around 7 weeks.”

Yet people still hold tight to this belief that a baby develops subsequently in gestation, in their efforts to justify abortion.

Felicia writes that she hopes her sharing photographs of Japeth will provide visual proof to the persons who “turn a blind eye and a deaf ear” to the painful fact of what abortion really is.


His life mattered. It still matters, and this beautiful, grieving momma said that he hoped sharing her son’s life will contribute other expectant fathers to think twice about abortion.

“I know that many ladies feel that they have no other selection, and later they regret their decision to have an abortion, ” she told Live Action News .

Since sharing her intimate photos, a handful of those women have written to her showing their pain. Her affectionate message of support to them is that there is hope, mending and forgiveness in Christ.

“There are many who would love to talk to you and help you through your grief. I do not shame or condemn anyone; I simply offer my condolences and hope for the future.”

Felicia replies though this process has been “miserable” and “heart-rending, ” she’s thankful that God has allowed her the ability and strength to share Jepeth’s “precious life.”


She closed with an encouragement to anyone reading this who’s ever lost a loved one:

“To those who have experienced a similar loss, my nerve goes out to you. Your enjoy for your lost ones is not in vain. God is good, even still.”

SHARE Jepeth’s life with your best friend today, and let others know that his life–and every life–matters.

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