Three killed as storm sweeps into Ireland

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Media captionHigh gales have caused damage across Ireland

Two men and a woman have been killed as the remnants of Hurricane Ophelia hit the British Isles.

As hurricane-force puffs battered the Republic of Ireland, one woman and a boy died in separate incidents when trees fell on their autoes.

A second man died in a chainsaw accident while attempting to remove a tree felled by the storm.

Thousands of the house and jobs misplaced power in Northern Ireland and Wales, along with 360,000 in the Republic.

The power company Northern Ireland Electricity said 15,000 households in the province should prepare to invest Monday evening without power.

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Sanitary towel advert features red ‘blood’

Image copyright Bodyform Image caption Bodyform’s advertising campaign also depicts a guy buying sanitary towels

Bodyform has become the first brand in the UK to feature sanitary pads stained with blood-red liquid, rather than blue, in its adverts.

Parent company Essity said it wanted to confront taboos surrounding intervals.

The firm says research procured 74% of people wanted to see more honest representation in adverts.

Bodyform’s video campaign, #bloodnormal, proves the status of women in the shower with blood running down her thigh and a mortal buying sanitary towels.

It follows a 2016 advert where sportswomen were shown muddy and bloody-minded while doing activities like bike ride, boxing and running.