Ivanka Trump And Chelsea Clinton Come To Malia Obama’s Defense Against The Tabloids

Former firstly daughter Malia Obama expended a good part of her adolescence in the national spotlight as her papa, you know, conducted the free world for eight years. For the better part of 2017, she’s been a private citizen.

But certain media outlets aren’t inducing it easy for her.

After two tales about the 19 -year-old’s personal life appeared in tabloid and conservative media, voices from both ends of the political range called for making the young Obama her privacy.

“Malia Obama should be allowed the same privacy as her school aged peers, ” Ivanka Trump tweeted on Friday. “She is a young adult and private citizen, and should be OFF limits.”

Chelsea Clinton, a persistent proponent for privacy when it is necessary to kids living in the White House, sounded in shortly afterward.

“Malia Obama’s private life, as a young lady, a college student, a private citizen, should not be your clickbait, ” she wrote. “Be better.”

Since President Donald Trump’s family moved into the White House, Clinton has also been moved to call out media outlets that focus attention on Barron Trump, who is 11 years old.

Leaked video issued by the conservative website The Daily Caller and other stores appeared to show Malia Obama smoking. Another video, published by TMZ along with still photos, proved her kissing someone during a tailgate party for the annual Harvard-Yale football game.

Tabloids claim to have identified the young man as a student at Harvard, where Obama has just begun her freshman year after taking time off following high school. She has expressed interest in pursuing a vocation in the film industry.

Noticing that Obama’s name was trending due to the gab headlines, people on social media reacted with pointed jokes about the media’s selects and sober criticisms — but principally gags.

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5 Major Tattoo Fails

Looks like these five people are permanently recognized with fail!

1. Wow. This woman’s dolphin tattoo is entirely defiling her sacred tank. #FAIL

2. Oops! This person forgot that tattoos prevent your torso from going to Heaven with the Lord, Our Father.

3. “You shall not making such a slasheds on your torso for the dead or tattoo yourselves: I am the Lord.” —< i> Leviticus 19:28 . Epic. Fail.

4. The maw of Hell will bloom beneath the feet of all who have denigrated His working in cooperation with their inexpensive and tawdry commemorates! Thou will be casting from the view of the Lord and fed upon by hardship and shame. Thy teeth will gnash, and thou will rue thine Earthly machinations beyond the end of hour!

5. Really ?! Who gets a tattoo of a feline, thus spitting in the face of our vengeful Creator? Fail alert!

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We Just Sent A Signal 13 Billion Miles Into Space And Got A Response From A Decades-Old Spacecraft

NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft, the farthest spacecraft from Earth, merely turned on some of its thrusters that haven’t been used since 1980.

Currently the only spacecraft we’ve ever sending them to interstellar space, Voyager 1’s outlook self-control thrusters- which it had are applied to degree its antenna towards Earth- had been wearing down. When it can no longer level its antenna to Earth, we’ll no longer be able to contact it.

In an effort to prolong the lifetime of the spacecraft, scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory( JPL) in California procured they were able to use another set of thrusters on the spacecraft to perform this duty. This could extend the life of the spacecraft beyond 2020.

“With these thrusters that are still functional after 37 years without use, we will be able to extend the life of the Voyager 1 spacecraft by two to three years, ” said Suzanne Dodd, programme director for Voyager at JPL, in a statement.

These thrusters are called the trajectory correction ploy( TCM) thrusters. They had initially used by the spacecraft to navigate past the planets Jupiter and Saturn as it built its way out of the Solar System.

The latest planetary encounter was Saturn on November 8, 1980, so the thrusters hadn’t been used since then. But the other day, the team decided to try firing them up again, to see if they are continuing work.

They fired up the four thrusters for the first time in 27 years 37 years ( edit: sorry !) on Tuesday, November 28. It took 19 hours and 35 minutes for Voyager to send the results of the test back, owing to its distance from Earth( 21 billion kilometers or 13 billion miles ). On Wednesday, November 29, they get confirmation that it had worked.

“The Voyager team got more excited each time with each milestone in the thruster test, ” Todd Barber from JPL said in a statement. “The mood was one of succor, exultation, and incredulity after witnessing these well-rested thrusters pick up the baton as if no time had extended at all.”

The TCM thrusters are similar in size and functionality to the other thrusters. However, Voyager has to turn on one heater per thruster in order to use them, which drains influence. So they’ll use the TCM thrusters until there isn’t enough ability for the heaters and then switch back to the other thrusters.

All in all, it’s good report for Voyager 1 fans. It entails the spacecraft will last-place only that little bit longer, as it continues to send back fascinating data from beyond the Solar system. The crew is planning to test the TCM thrusters on the twin Voyager 2 spacecraft, which should exit the Solar system in the next few years.

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This Scientist Wants to Bring Star Trek Values to Congress

Vulcanologist Jess Phoenix never expected to be involved in politics. Until recently her life revolved around science–traveling “the worlds” to analyze different volcanoes and leading an education nonprofit. But the environmental register of the Trump administration has motivated her to run for Congress.

” These people are basically gutting every environmental protection that existed ,” Phoenix says in Episode 284 of the Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast.” It’s a trend we have to stop now. We can’t let this persist .”


Jess Phoenix on climate change :

” My father was very much into’ Oh, climate change issues isn’t real’ a few years back. And I would say,’ Dad, I’m the scientist. I went to academy for this. There’s no conspiracy .’ But then I’m really encouraged, because on his Facebook page he shared something that I did, one of the media appearings that I had–I think maybe it was when I was on CNN International talking about why the work requires scientists in government, Earth scientists in particular–and somebody on his page said,’ Oh John, it’s just a plot. Follow the money .’ And my dad was like,’ Well, my daughter’s not getting paid off for this, so I think there’s something to it. I know she stands firm in her convictions’–or something to that consequence. So I think he’s starting to see that[ it’s real ].”

Jess Phoenix on fundraising :

” Some[ scientists] have gotten somewhat wealthy patenting their breakthroughs, but for most scientists–particularly Earth scientists–your biggest drawback will be that you don’t have a massive, built-in donor network. Because scientists haven’t been politically speaking. So if I were to call up–and I’ve done this–if I were to call up 10, or 20, or 50 of my scientific peers and say,’ Hey, donate to my political campaign ,’ they’re not are applied to doing that. Solicitors are used to donating to other lawyers leading for role, and the same goes for businesspeople, because they make up 80 -plus percent of Congress right now. There’s one physicist in Congress–Bill Foster in Illinois–and that’s it. So you can see we have a hard row to hoe .”

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Trump sipping from water bottle turns into glorious Photoshop battle

How else are we meant to react to political discourse if not with jovial image editing?

Upon his return from Asia, President Donald Trump gave a speech summing up his accomplishments on the trip-up. During this speech he took a swig from a bottle of water.

Let battle commence…

Image: JIM LO SCALZO/ EP-AEFE/ REX/ Shutterstock

And so the internet descended, with a Photoshop battle on Reddit. Without farther ado, here are some of the artistic highlights.

Time for a scalding presidential pan-pipe solo


You don’t even wanna know what his patronus looks like


What a helpful solution, thank you Photoshop!


Make Hyrule great again!




Who doesn’t desire some topical Disney?


Gotta love that low-grade hanging fruit.


Good grief that’s upsetting


God anointed the strange recesses of the internet.

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