A Second Chance: This Amazing Organization Helps Disgraced Pedophiles Rebuild Their Lives By Getting Them Elected To Political Office

For many pedophiles, it’s impossible to make ends meet. These sexuality offenders are often shunned both socially and professionally, stimulating it extremely difficult for them to find all kinds of gainful occupation. But now a group “ve called the” GOP is trying to change all that: This amazing organization helps disgraced pedophiles rebuild their lives by get them elected to political office.

If that doesn’t lift your feelings, we don’t know what will.

While most Americans are openly disgusted by pedophiles, the bighearted people over at the GOP seek to help them find decent, well-paying undertakings where they can shape national policy. You merely need to look at the amazing run the GOP is doing with pedophile Roy Moore in the special U.S. Senate election in Alabama to know that this organization is searching out for the people society tries to throw in the margins.

“Men like Roy Moore are left without many options for getting back on their paws, ” said Paul Ryan, one of the senior leaders over at the GOP. “A lot of people want good-for-nothing to do with him simply because he regularly preyed on teenage girls at shopping malls and other public places, but at the GOP, we believe he deserves the basic dignity of being elected to an incredibly powerful national office.”

“The smiles on pedophiles’ faces when they’re elected with the assistance of our resources available, public relations know-how, and endorsements are one of my biggest joy, ” added Ryan.

The GOP also offers one-on-one mentorship and the legitimacy presidential candidates needs to make it to Capitol Hill, all at no cost to the pedophile. With the GOP behind them, pedophiles have a strong possibility at growing representatives, senators, and even speaker of the House, as was the case with noted pedophile Dennis Hastert, who served in Congress for over 20 years.

The GOP’s boundless reinforcement of pedophiles’ campaigns seems like it should be impossible to sustain, but the fact that it somehow has done so day in and day out is truly amazing. So thank you, GOP, for the empathy and tendernes you indicate these pedophiles. Stop up the great work!

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