Spouses of US immigrants on H-1B visas could lose their right to work

An ongoing suit and a clampdown by the Trump administration has left the status of thousands of skilled worker spouses hanging in the balance

Thousands of people primarily ladies operating legally in the United States under Obama-era rules could be forced to stop working under Trump.

Currently, if someone has an H-1B visa, which allows skilled worker to come to the US temporarily, and had asked for lawful permanent residence, their marriage can apply to work under an H-4 employment authorization.

These are almost always highly educated women who are pretty awesome in their own right. They have lords degrees, doctorates and are capable of contributing a lot, articulated Madhuri Nemali, a Silicon Valley immigration lawyer at Cameo Law Group, who has assured a surge in queries from related clients.

This authorization, called the H-4 employment authorization document,( EAD) was introduced by the Obama administration in February 2015 to try and retain skilled flair in the United States. Not letting spouses to work during the course of its long wait for green cards which can take more than a decade acted as a disincentive for households where both partners wanted to pursue jobs.

Now the employment status of thousands of marriages hangs in the balance thanks to a suit filed in 2015 by Save Jobs USA, an organization consists of IT workers who allegation they lost their jobs to H-1B visas.

The Save Jobs lawsuit, which landed in a federal court of appeals, contends that that the H-4 authorizations are taking away positions from American citizens and that the Department of Homeland Securitys( DHS) did not have the authority to create a new employment visa category. Only Congress can permit H-4 spouses to work, it said.

The court was due to make a decision about how to proceed on Monday 3 April, following a 60 -day hold on proceedings, which DHS articulated would give incoming leadership personnel adequate time to consider the issues. However, the DHS requested an additional 180 periods, putting the instance on hold until 27 September 2017. Save Jobs USA has opposed that motion.

Whatever happens in that lawsuit, its clear that the Trump administration am willing to clamp down on the H-1B visa program and that when Jeff Sessions was a senator he opposed Obamas decision to allow H-4s to operate, describing him as an immigration law change that hurts American workers. A draft executive ordering divulged late January also suggested that H-4 EAD was on the chopping block.

Rescinding the authorization will disproportionately affect Indian nationals, who take up the highest proportion of H-1B visas and have one of the longest green card backlogs. This is because theres a attached per-country cap on green cards thats not adjusted for population size, which unfairly penalise countries experiencing massive populations like India and China. This means that the average Indian green card applicant has to wait more than a decade.

People who have the H-4 EAD in any other country in “the worlds” would be regarded as a green card holder or citizen. Because the backlog for Indian green card applicants is so large in the US this is a systematic way to discriminate against groupings of people, articulated Aman Kapoor, the president of immigrant advocacy group Immigration Voice.

For us its not just about not being able to work, its about fundamental rights, he said.

Immigration Voice points out that many of those working on H-4 EAD have set up companies that end up hiring American citizens.

Anuj Dhamija has been working in the US since 2010 as a Job Manager for a Fortune 100 company. He switched to the H-4 employment authorization program to set up his house remodel business which he supposes is scheduled to create between five and 10 American structure positions.

If this programme ceased to exist, I will lose all my investment in the brand-new the enterprises and also my job as there will be no other legal option for me to work in the USA. I will face substantial fiscal adversities and wont be able to provide for my developing family, Dhamija said in a statement.

Daniel Costa, Director of Immigration laws and Policy Research at the Economic Policy Institute, would like to underline that the subset of people affected by the rule are already on their way to becoming permanent residents and, after five years, even citizens.

So the government keeping them from operating is really only a temporary thing, based on backlogs, articulated Daniel Costa, Director of Immigration laws and Policy Research at the Economic Policy Institute. That reality weighs in favor of letting them study, I belief. Many of them are just Americans-in-waiting.

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Chicken run: New Zealand Post will start delivering KFC to beat mail slump

Fast food home delivery is tried out as number of letters mailed in New Zealand halves in a decade

The New Zealand postal services had already begun giving Kentucky Fried Chicken in a bid to stem major revenue losings as the number of people utilizing the postal services continue to plummet.

NZ Post and the fast food corporation have joined forces in a captain scheme in the North Island port city of Tauranga, with KFC contracting NZ Post to handle the logistics of its brand-new home delivery service.

Mike Stewart, a spokesman for NZ Post, said the company was grappling with how to survive long-term, when every week Kiwis mailed a million fewer letters than the week before.

In the last decade the number of letters mailed in New Zealand has halved. In our efforts to stem the losses, the cost of sending a medium-size note by FastPost is scheduled to rise by NZ $0.50 c in July from NZ $1.80 to $2.30.

Postal delivery in many rural areas of New Zealand has also been reduced from six periods to five.

All local post office around the world are struggling with what to do when mail disappears, we want to survive for another 100 years but we urgently need to diversify our business, supposed Stewart.

People crave their goods on-demand delivered to their home in 30 -6 0 minutes, that seems to be where the world is proceeding. So weve been experimenting with being the delivery service for the health care sector, the building sector and especially hospitality it is an exciting occasion for us.

NZ Post has so far recruited 30 delivery drivers for the KFC Tauranga pilot. While NZ Posties are welcome to apply for the extra evening shifts, at the present stage most of the brand-new motorists were students or retirees, supposed Stewart, who would be using their own transportation and smartphones to co-ordinate deliveries.

Using NZ posties and vans for deliveries in the future was not out of the question supposed Stewart.

Tauranga is the second New Zealand city to be offered home-delivered KFC, with the company planning to roll out the service across around half of New Zealand.

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Roman Polanski fails to secure no-jail guarantee in rape case

Judge shut down film-makers request to return to US with immunity from incarcerate, saying he shall not be required to be receive special therapy as a wealthy celebrity

The Oscar-winning director Roman Polanski has failed in his bid to bring an end to his long-running rape case.

Polanski pleaded guilty to wrongful sex with a 13 -year-old girl in 1977 and fled on the eve of sentencing. He said the judge reneged on a have committed themselves to sentence him to probation after he underwent a diagnostic examine at a California prison.

Lawyers for the 83 -year-old said he was willing to return to the US after nearly 40 times on the run if he was assured he would not provide more incarcerate hour.

At a hearing before Judge Scott Gordon last-place month, lawyers advocated Polanski to return to the US for sentencing and told you he shall not be required to be receive special therapy as a wealthy celebrity.

In a statement on Monday, a Los Angeles superior court spokesman announced: Judge Gordon has been established that defendants motions and coinciding requests are denied.

Since he fled the US, Polanskis travel has been confined to three countries: France, Switzerland and his native Poland.

Polanskis lawyer, Harland Braun, announced Gordons order failed to address what he called the central issue in the case provided for: misbehavior by several previous judges who handled the case.

Polanski postulates emails show that several judges had debated how Polanski had to return to Los Angeles for sentencing.

It seems like this just another cover-up, Braun said in an interview.

He said his efforts were aimed at hearing if the justice system could determine previous mistakes in the case provided for and whether it was capable of mending itself.

In that involve, Judge Gordon proved that he cannot, Braun said.

Gordons ruling supposes Polanski and Braun had not presented adequate credible, admissible testify or legal contentions to warrant the requested relief.

Previous rulings have stated that the only route Polanski can address his allegations is to return to Los Angeles for his sentencing hearing. That would probably involve him being arrested and providing additional hour behind barrooms while he awaited a hearing.

Braun has said Polanskis confinement in jail and house arrest in Switzerland during a failed extradition endeavour in 2009 and 2010 necessitate the director have so far been provided his sentence.

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Stellar Daisy: search for crew of huge cargo ship feared sunk in Atlantic Ocean

Only two out of 24 crew rescued after bulk carrier, who the hell is roughly the same size as 100 tennis courts, disappears carrying iron ore from Brazil to China

A South Korean cargo vessel is missing after making its last contact in the South Atlantic about 2,500 km( 1,500 miles) from coast and 22 crew members are unaccounted for.

Two Filipino crew members have been rescued swimming in a life raft on Saturday, but other lifeboats and rafts found in the area were empty, South Koreas Yonhap news agency reported on Sunday.

A hunting operation is continuing for the 22 people, a South Korean foreign ministry official in Seoul said by telephone, adding eight of the missing are South Korean nationals and 14 are Filipinos.

South Korea has requested Brazil and Uruguay to aid in the search and save, the official supposed questioning not to be identified.

The very large ore carrier( VLOC) Stellar Daisy is owned and operated by South Koreas Polaris Shipping based in Busan and was sailing from Brazil to China carrying iron ore where reference is transmitted a distress signal to the ship operator on Friday, Yonhap said.

The ship is 321 m long and 58 m wide-cut or roughly the same size as 100 tennis courts. It can carry 266,141 tonnes of merchandise safely.

A message last received under Friday by Polaris from a crew member said the ship was taking in water on the port side and was rolling rapidly, Yonhap said.

Reuters contributed to this report

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Bob Dylan receives Nobel Prize in literature in Sweden

( CNN) Singer-songwriter Bob Dylan finally received his Nobel Prize in literature Saturday at a private liturgy in Stockholm, according to the following statement posted online by the heads of state of the Swedish Academy.

The presentation came five several months after the academy announced Dylan was the winand more than three months after the formal welcoming ceremony, which Dylan didn’t attend because of “pre-existing commitments.” Singer Patti Smith stood in for him.

But Dylan was in Stockholm this weekend to perform concerts and the private liturgy was arranged.

The debate over Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize for literature