Uber Paid Hackers to Delete Stolen Data on 57 Million People

Hackers stole the personal data of 57 million the consumers and motorists from Uber Engineering Inc ., a massive breach that the company disguised for more than a year. This week, the ride-hailing firm ousted its chief security officer and one of his deputies for their roles in keeping the hack under wraps, which included a $100,000 pay to the attackers.

Compromised data from the October 2016 onslaught included identifies, mailing address and phone numbers of 50 million Uber equestrians around the world, the company told Bloomberg on Tuesday. The personal information of about 7 million motorists was retrieved as well, including some 600,000 U.S. driver’s license numbers. No Social security systems amounts, charge card information, trip-up place details or other data were taken, Uber said.

At the time of the incident, Uber was negotiating with U.S. regulators investigating separate claims of privacy misdemeanours. Uber now says it had a legal obligation to report the hacker to regulators and to drivers whose license amounts were taken. Instead, the company paid hackers to delete the data and keep the breach quiet. Uber said it believes the information was never used but declined to disclose the the identity cards of the attackers.

” None of this should have happened, and I will not make excuses for it ,” Dara Khosrowshahi, who took over as chief operating officer in September, said in an emailed statement.” We are changing the space we do business .”

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After Uber’s disclosure Tuesday, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman launched an investigation into the hack, his spokesperson Amy Spitalnick said. The company was also sued for negligence over the infringe by a customer seeking class-action status.

Hackers has been successful in infiltrated several companies in recent years. The Uber breach, while large-scale, is dwarfed by those at Yahoo, MySpace, Target Corp ., Anthem Inc . and Equifax Inc . What’s more alarming are the extreme assess Uber took to hide the attack. The breach is the latest scandal Khosrowshahi inherits from his predecessor, Travis Kalanick.

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Kalanick, Uber’s co-founder and former CEO, learned of the hacker in November 2016, a few months after it has just taken place, the company said. Uber had just settled a lawsuit with the New York attorney general over data protection revealings and was in the process of negotiating with the Federal Trade Commission over the handled in buyer data. Kalanick declined to comment on the hack.

Joe Sullivan, the outgoing protection bos, spearheaded the response to the hacker last year, a spokesman told Bloomberg. Sullivan, a onetime “prosecutors ” who joined Uber in 2015 from Facebook Inc ., has been at the center of much of the decision-making that has come back to bite Uber this year. Bloomberg reported last month that the board commissioned an investigation into the activities of Sullivan’s security team. This project, conducted by an outside constitution firm, detected the hack and the failure to disclose, Uber said.

Here’s how the hacker went down: Two attackers accessed a private GitHub coding site used by Uber software engineers and then use login credentials they secured there to access data stored on an Amazon Web Services account that handled calculating tasks for the company. From there, the hackers discovered an archive of rider and motorist information. Afterwards, they emailed Uber ask questions money, according to the company.

A patchwork of state and federal statutes require a corporation to alert people and government agencies when sensitive data transgress pass. Uber said it was obligated to report the hacker of driver’s license information and failed to do so.

” At the time of the incident, we took immediate steps to secure the data and shut down farther unauthorized access by the individuals ,” Khosrowshahi said.” We also implemented security measures to restrict access to and strengthen controls on our cloud-based storage accounts .”

Uber has earned a reputation for flouting regulations in areas where it has operated because it founding in 2009. The U.S. has opened at least five criminal probes into possible bribes, illicit software, questionable pricing schemes and stealing of a competitor’s intellectual property rights, people familiar with the issues have said. The San Francisco-based company likewise faces dozens of civil suits.

U.K. regulators including the National Crime Agency are also looking into the scale of the transgres. London and other governments have previously taken steps toward banning the services offered, quoting what they say is reckless action by Uber.

In January 2016, the New York attorney general penalty Uber $ 20,000 for failing to promptly disclose an earlier data infringe in 2014. After last year’s cyberattack, the company was negotiating with the FTC on a privacy village even as it haggled with the hackers on containing such violate, Uber said. The corporation eventually agrees with the FTC settlement three months ago, without declaring wrongdoing and before telling the agency about last year’s attack.

The new CEO said his goal is to change Uber’s spaces. Uber said it notified New York’s us attorney general and the FTC about the October 2016 hacker for the first time on Tuesday. Khosrowshahi asked for the resignation of Sullivan and fired Craig Clark, a senior lawyer who reported to Sullivan. The humankinds didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.

Khosrowshahi said in his emailed proclamation:” While I can’t erase the past, I can devote on behalf of every Uber employee that we will learn from our mistakes .”

The company said its investigation found that Salle Yoo, the outgoing manager legal officer who has been scrutinized for her responses to subject matters, hadn’t been told about the incident. Her substitution, Tony West, will start at Uber on Wednesday and has been briefed on the cyberattack.

Kalanick was ousted as CEO in June under pressure from investors, who said he set the company at legal danger. He remains on the board and lately filled two seats he controlled.

Uber said it has hired Matt Olsen, a former general counsel at the National Security Agency and administrator of the National Counterterrorism Center, as an adviser. He will help the company restructure security and safety squads. Uber hired Mandiant, a cybersecurity firm owned by FireEye Inc ., to analyse the hack.

The company plans to freeing a statement to clients saying it has considered” no evidence of fraud or misuse tied to the incident .” Uber said it will provide motorists whose permissions were compromised with free credit protection monitoring and identity theft protection.

Trump Jr. Hinted at Review of Anti-Russia Law, Moscow Lawyer Says

A Russian lawyer who met with President Donald Trump‘s oldest son last year told me that he indicated that a statute targeting Russia could be re-examined if “his fathers” won the election and asked her for written proof that illegal continues went to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

The lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, said in a two-and-a-half-hour interview in Moscow that she would tell these and other things to the Senate Judiciary Committee on condition that her answers be made public, something it hasn’t agreed to. She has received scores of questions from the committee, which is investigating possible conspiracy between Russia and the Trump campaign. Veselnitskaya said she’s also ready — if requested — to testify to Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Her June 9, 2016 encounter with Donald Trump Jr ., President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and then campaign administrator Paul Manafort in New York plays a key role in allegations that the campaign worked with Russia to defeat Clinton.

Veselnitskaya said she went to the New York fulfill to display Trump campaign officers that major Democratic donors had evaded U.S. taxes and to lobby against the so-called Magnitsky law that penalise Russian officials for the murder of a Russian excise auditor who accused the Kremlin of corruption.

‘If We Come to Power’

” Looking ahead, if we come to ability, we can return to this issue and think what to do about it ,” Trump Jr. said of the 2012 law, she recalled.” I understand our side are likely to have messed up, but it’ll take a long time to get to the bottom of it ,” he added, is in accordance with her.

Veselnitskaya also said Trump Jr. requested fiscal documents showing that fund that allegedly scaped U.S. taxes had gone to Clinton’s campaign. She didn’t have any and described the 20 -minute meeting as a failure.

A lawyer for Trump Jr ., Alan Futerfas, said the president’s son “havent had” note about the interview, the first time Veselnitskaya has offered detailed information on what was discussed at Trump Tower in Manhattan. In the past, Trump Jr. has said that he had squandered his time ascertaining the lawyer because she provided no useful information.

The meeting took place after British publicist Rob Goldstone contacted Trump Jr. on behalf of Veselnitskaya to request it, describing her as a Russian government lawyer who had information and documents that would incriminate Clinton.

” This is obviously high level and sensitive datum but is an example of Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump ,” Goldstone wrote in an email to Trump Jr.

‘I Love It’

” If it’s what you say I love it especially subsequently in the summer ,” Trump Jr. replied almost immediately.

Veselnitskaya says she told the president’s son she had information that Clinton’s campaign may have received some of nearly$ 1 billion the wealthy Ziff brothers gained from Russian investments that allegedly evaded U.S. taxes.

She says she was acting in a private the abilities and not as a Russian government congressman. But there is evidence of an official imprimatur: She brought to the encountering a four-page talking-points memorandum in English that contained very similar information to a document she had be forwarded to the bureau of Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika in 2015, both of which were obtained by Bloomberg News. Alexander Kurennoy, the spokesperson for the prosecutor general’s office, declined to comment.

In April last year, Veselnitskaya took part in a meeting with a visiting congressional delegation headed by Representative Dana Rohrabacher, a California Republican with close ties to Russia, that was attended by a senior prosecution official. There she grew the allegations about the Ziff brothers’ money. President putin has recently built the same argument.

Veselnitskaya is defending a Russian businessman in the U.S. on a money-laundering case related to the Magnitsky law. It was determined out of tribunal this year without an admission of guilt.

Magnitsky Law

This law, which Veselnitskaya has been campaigning against, targets Russian officials in retaliation for the death of Sergei Magnitsky, a tax controller who worked for U.S.-born fund manager William Browder. His Hermitage Capital was once the most difficult foreign-portfolio investor in Russia. Ziff Friend Investments LLC are used in Russia with Browder applying offshore entities, Veselnitskaya has said.

Magnitsky died in a Moscow prison in 2009 after uncovering what he said was a tax fraud that diverted $230 million of Russian state monies into the pockets of a handful of civil servants. The 2012 U.S. constitution named after him incensed the Kremlin, which then banned approvals from Russia to the U.S ., further straining ties between Washington and Moscow.

Ziff Brothers Contributions

Ziff Friend Investments has contributed to Republicans and Democrats since the 2012 election round, according to the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics. It rendered between $50,000 and $100,000 to the Clinton Global Initiative and shaped modest donations to the presidential campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

A spokesman for the Ziff family said it had no comment.

In the interview, Veselnitskaya said she mailed her memo to Goldstone in advance so Trump Jr. could familiarize himself with the question, but he seemed not to have done so. When she began laying out the case against the Ziffs, she said that he questioned:” This money the Ziffs get from Russia, do you have any fiscal reports showing that this fund was just going Clinton’s campaign ?”

She didn’t and the meeting soon fell apart. Kushner left after a few minutes and Manafort appeared to have fallen asleep.” The meet was a failure; none of us understood what the point of it had been ,” Veselnitskaya said, adding she had no further contacts with the Trump campaign.

Senator Chuck Grassley, an Iowa Republican who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, has sent her more than 90 questions concerning the meet, asking whether she knows Putin, Manafort and Kushner, and requesting information about Russian hacking and interference, she said.” That I emphatically don’t have !” the lawyer said.” I made up my psyche a long time ago: My affidavit must be honest, full and public .”

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Taylor Foy, a Grassley spokesman, said,” We are encouraged that she is planning to cooperate and look forward to receiving the information .” He wouldn’t comment on whether the committee would comply with her required to be make her answers public.

Congressional investigates prefer not to liberate their private interviews and documents in the middle of an investigation. There’s nothing, however, that prevents Veselnitskaya from liberating whatever she wants on her own.

Veselnitskaya and the Russian businessman she’s representing in the New York case, Denis Katsyv, recently asked for permission to enter the U.S. to attend a hearing in the case against his company, Prevezon Holdings Ltd. Prevezon still hasn’t paid a $5.9 million village to the U.S. because under the terms of the out-of-court agreement it committed to transfer the funds only after the Netherlands liberated 3 million euros ($ 3.5 million) are subordinate to it that remain frozen.

Frozen Assets

The Dutch powers unfroze the money at the U.S.’s request on Oct. 10 but froze it again because of a separate money-laundering investigation in the Netherlands, is in accordance with U.S. courtroom filings. Prevezon said the Netherlands started police investigations in response to a complaint from Browder.

On Nov. 3, U.S. District Judge William Pauley repudiated Prevezon’s request to order the federal government to allow Veselnitskaya and Katsyv into the U.S. to attend a hearing on Nov. 9 being pursued by prosecutors, who may file a request to enforce the terms of the agreement.

Without” strong proof” that the government’s denial was built” irrationally or in bad faith ,” the judge said there is no basis for him to interfere with a decision that sits squarely within the purview of the Executive Branch. Veselnitskaya and Katsyv have now asked to testify by phone or video.

DeVos Scraps Obama Guidance on Investigating Campus Sexual Assault

Washington( AP) — The Trump administration on Friday scrapped Obama-era guidance on analyse campus sexual abuse, superseding it with brand-new teaches that allow universities to expect higher levels of testify when handling complaints.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has said that President Barack Obama’s policy had been unfairly skewed against those accused of assault and had “weaponized” the Education Department to “work against schools and against students.”

The change is the latest in Trump’s broader effort to roll back Obama policies. Women’s rights groups slammed Friday’s decision, saying it will deter students from reporting assault.

The guidance released in 2011 and then updated in 2014 instructed universities to use a “preponderance of the evidence” standard when assessing and analyse specific claims of sexual assault.

DeVos’ new interim guidelines let colleges choose between that criterion and a “clear and convincing evidence” criterion, which is harder to meet. Those governs will be in place temporarily while the Education Department gatherings statements from interest groups and the public and writes new guidance.

“To be very clear, one sexual assault is one too many. It is ghastly and regrettable, ” DeVos told those attending the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference on Friday night in Michigan.

“But the current failed system didn’t work for students, it didn’t work for establishments, it didn’t work for anyone, ” she said in clarifying the decision. “It didn’t work because unelected and unaccountable political appointees pushed the draft guidelines through without any date for note from the individuals who stroll side by side with students every day. The period of ineffective and inefficient mandates is over.”

Fatima Goss Graves, president and CEO of the National Women’s Law Center, said the new regulation will have a “devastating” impact on students and schools.

“It will discourage students from reporting assaults, generate uncertainty for academies on how to follow the existing legislation, and make campuses less safe, ” Graves said in a statement. “This misguided directive is a huge step back to a time when sexual assault was a secret that was swept under the rug.”

The Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights is investigating 360 sexual violence instances at 258 postsecondary institutions.

A student may choice whether to report a claim of assault to police or to have it be examined by a university under a federal proviso against sexual discrimination. Some students choose not be returned to law enforcement because many such cases travel unprosecuted as police and the courts expect higher levels of prove. Students may also feel more comfortable dealing with university investigators rather than with police following a trauma.

Andrew Miltenberg, a New York lawyer who represents students accused of sexual abuse, said Obama’s standard dismissed the presumption of innocence and set additional burdens on the accused to prove the assault did not happen. He said the system was being submitted by DeVos is “a much more stringent standard and one that is less open to subjective interpretation.”

Sen. Patty Murray of Washington, the senior Democrat on the Senate’s committee on education, said DeVos’ decision “may cause survivors of sexual assault going to go into the shadows, letting predators to continue to roam college campuses and the outbreak of college sexual assault to spread.”

The department did not say how long the interim regulation is expected to be in effect. Clare McCann, a higher education expert with the New America think tank, said it is very likely to take government departments more than a year to finalize a brand-new rule.


Associated Press writer David Eggert on Mackinac Island, Michigan, contributed to this report.

Quitting Paris climate deal would threaten US security, UN chief warns

Antnio Guterres supposes exiting landmark accordance would threaten US economy and society: If someone leaves a void, I secure someone will fill it

The UN secretary general, Antnio Guterres, told on Tuesday that if the US exits the Paris climate agreement, there could be negative economic, security and societal consequences for the country.

Guterres issued the warn after calling on world leaders to adhere to the agreement in his first major lecture on climate change as secretary general.

His statements at New York Universitys Stern School of Business went as the world waits for Donald Trump to announce whether the country will continue to uphold the Paris deal, which practically 200 countries signed as a commitment to reduce greenhouse gas radiations.

In a question and answer session after the lecture, a student asked how the US can address climate change when its president has threatened to back out of the Paris accord.

If someone leaves a void, I secure someone will fill it, replied Guterres, who went on to explain what consequences such an exit could have for the US.

Today, the economy and social facets are linked to the environmental facets, but “its also” linked to the security facets, they are linked to the risks of conflict, replied Guterres.

He persisted: if you leave a void to others to occupy, you might be creating a problem to your own internal security.

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‘Charging Bull’ sculptor says New York’s ‘Fearless Girl’ statue violates his rights

Arturo Di Modica says publicizing trick placed in Wall Street before international womens day contravened artistic copyright

The sculptor of Wall Streets Charging Bull statue is accusing New York City of infringing his legal rights by allowing the Fearless Girl statue to be installed facing the bronze brute, without his permission.

The Italian-born sculptor Arturo Di Modica said the presence of the girl contravened on his own artistic copyright by changing the creative dynamic to include the other bold presence.

Attorney Norman Siegel announced Di Modica would explain at a press conference on Wednesday exactly how hes objection metropoli officials who issued work permits for the bronze girl to abide until February 2018. Siegel said he was requiring the city freeing reports proving what procedures were followed.

Artist Kristen Visbals figure was first placed on a traffic island near Wall Street on 7 March, on the eve of international womens day, to make a point: Theres a dearth of women on the boards of the largest US corporations.

The young girl gazing down the enormous bull with hands planted on her hips quickly became a tourist magnet, attracting global attention on social media as guests posed for paints. In have responded to petitions with dozens of thousands of signatures for the statue to stay longer, mayor Bill de Blasio announced the city let would be extended for nearly one year.

Di Modica called the statue an advertising trick created by two corporate monsters State Street Global Advisors, the Boston-based investment giant, and McCann, its New York advertising firm.

A spokeswoman for the mayor did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

There was a time when Accusing Bull was in a position similar to the Fearless Girl waiting for the city to allow the fragment to stay.

Di Modica had installed the massive bronze in front of the New york stock exchange after the 1987 stock exchange accident, without work permits in the middle of the night, as a epitomize of Americas fiscal resilience. The metropoli eventually responded to the public clamoring for the artwork to be allowed to remain in the financial region, stairs from Wall Street.

Siegel, the former director of the New York Civil Liberties Union who is handling the occurrence with lawyer Steven Hyman, said the sculptor approached him about 10 days ago.

A lawsuit has not been filed, announced Siegel, who declined to say whether or when that might happen.

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